Thursday, January 12, 2017

Flying Bridge Art temporarily visible!

The Flying Bridge Fish Market has been closed since October 2016.  I just noticed as I was driving past today that there is now some work to the building going on.  The Western section that was formerly a camera repair shop has had the siding removed and the old wooden siding beneath has some cool hand-painted artwork!  Flying Bridge must have once occupied the whole building.
Some pretty cool artwork there. 

Whatever became to artist "Dave Dunnit" ??  From what I could find out, Dave Marfia was a local artist, used to have a shop near that same corner in the 80s. Was known for doing art on vehicles, motorcycles, shirts or apparently anything you wanted painting on.  Nowadays lives in Sparta and apparently still working.

Also, I actually never knew Flying Bridge was an actual nautical term.  I thought it had to do with possibly some local folklore surrounding the Leonard Street bridge, since this place is right on the Eastern end of it. 

"A flying bridge is an open area on top of a surface ship which provides unobstructed views of the fore, aft, and the sides of a vessel, and which serves as an operating station for the ship's officers, such as the captain or officer of the watch." (The More You Know!!)

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  1. Dave is still around. He lives in Kalamazoo now but works frequently around the area.