Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sears Woodland

Hi and welcome back to the "Stuff Closing In Grand Rapids Blog" !  Today's item, Sears in Woodland Mall.

Right after last month's closing of the last two area Kmart stores, word was going around January 4th that Sears is closing too. This one has been an anchor at Woodland Mall since it's opening in 1968. It occupies 313,000 square feet, making it one of the largest department stores in the state! 

I can't say I went there very often. I bought my air compressor there that I used to paint my 70s van.  And I once went there to buy a turtleneck for a costume I was making. Because I thought rightfully that Sears was a place where I could still possibly find a turtleneck.

Amazingly, that Sears still had the little key shack out in the parking lot.  Still operating!  What poor employee got to work their shift out in the key shack?  Who got keys made at a Sears key shack?  How would anyone know about it?

Anyway, goodbye Sears. Sorry the Internet ruined everything!

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