Friday, October 11, 2013

Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue was a dance club that existed during the 80s on West 28th St. between Kalamazoo and Breton. I try to mostly post about things that I remember well-- so that I can have maybe some interesting stories to tell at least. Honestly though, I only went to Electric Avenue one time, sort of dragged there by a girl I was hoping to get with (didn't happen!) though we got to slow dance and make out to The Cure.

I remember the place being quite busy and full of flashing neon hanging all around the ceiling. It had a two-level setup, similar to Top Of The Rock, where there was sort of the "dance pit."  I also remember them playing some music videos, including Bronski Beat, "Hit That Perfect Beat." ...Actually, how did they spin videos back in those days? From VHS tapes?? Wow.

I think at some point in the early 90s, it became "Dick's Resort," then sat vacant a bit, then got demolished. Currently, "Xtreme Car Audio" sits on the spot it used to occupy.  Actually, an exclusively car-audio business still being around is kind of impressive.

Here's the tiny handful of photos I could find of the goings on at Electric Avenue (click on them to get a larger view). 

If you used to go there and have any stories, please share 'em in the comments!

DJ Mark McConnell, Danny Douglas (KLQ, Pepsi Dance Traxx), and--some guy
Maybe this is Halloween. I prefer to think people just dressed crazy there all the time. 

Shit gets crazy when Spuds McKenzie shows up!
Party in the front AND party in the back, ladies!


  1. Hey, Jef! Loving this blog! Brings back tons of GR memories.

    I do have 2 questions for you.

    Near the site of Electric Ave., do you remember a gaudy-looking sign that had (and this is a fuzzy memory) a picture of a lady and an alien-looking creature, and it was all lit up. I know for certain it was between Kalamazoo and Breton in the 80s, and then I don't remember seeing it in the 90s.. By any chance was that sign for this place? Would you have a photo of what I'm remotely talking about? It scared the crap out of me as a kid when we drove by it at night.

    #2 Do you remember a show on GRTV back in the early 90s that came on Friday nights where it was a call-in program, and the main host sat in front of a green screen that showed random images from other cable channels while they just talked about whatever? I loved that show, but cant remember the name of it at all. If you have video of it, it would be totally awesome if you could post part of it to YouTube!

    1. Yeah wow, the sign you're talking about does not ring a bell - anybody else know about this??

      The show you're talking about was "Going Critical." I saw bits of it but didn't really see a whole show, though I knew everybody involved in making it other than the guy who was usually the host. There may be some tapes around of it I can find...

    2. Was that 'Musicscuse'? Late 80's early 90's?

  2. WHOA. Flashback...that sign was golden yellow with black outline drawing, right? I'm going to call my mom. In the morning, because it's too late to call my mom about an alien sign tonight.
    I still have a Bronski Beat album. Still hitting that perfect beat, boy.
    I went to EA once as well, but for some reason, spent most of my night laying on the hood of my friend's car, alone, and then crossing 28th to sit at the diner while she finished slutting up the dance floor. I think we were fighting about something. It's really fuzzy.
    This blog is stupendous! Thank you for bringing back these memories. I think.

  3. Hey that spud pic is mine....great time there... look for our facebook site.

  4. FYI - An ALDIs sits where Electric Avenue use to be. Before it was Electric Avenue, It was Coral Gables.

  5. FYI And before it was Coral Gables, it was The Grotto!!!

  6. I remember the Grotto. I fell in love with a girl from Grandville.

  7. Disco & lit dancefloor was a big deal back then. So was loud music.

  8. Can't remember what year it was open.