Tuesday, April 11, 2017

30 Minutes or Less

I had forgotten about this movie and only just got around to checking it out because I remembered it featured DJs Lounge while it was still standing in 2010.  Was surprised to see just how much Grand Rapids is featured!

I decided to compile screenshots here of all the locations I could pick out.

If you have not already seen 30 Minutes or Less and have any interest, stop reading and just go see it!  Half the fun of that movie for G.R. people is seeing all the familiar sights.  If you like Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride or Aziz Ansari, they're all as entertaining as ever and the whole thing is a fun ride.

After watching it, come on back and compare notes on all the G.R. places used ....

Racing past The Red Lion on Bridge St. in the opening montage

The Anchor Bar, Bridge St.

One of the public park swimming pools. Not sure which one. Is it Wilcox?

Sixth St. Bridge

Does someone recognize this place?

Here is D'J's "Gentlemen's Lounge"

I am pretty sure I have seen some of the wall art from this shoot upstairs at Lost & Found Antiques
The outside of Vito's on W. Fulton is featured a few times

Vito's interior

Maybe someone can identify the scrapyard

Out back of DJs, daytime

Family Dollar 28th St.

The tattoo place and other stores in the plaza next to the Family Dollar

4-Star Gas, Chicago Dr. 

Vito's, daytime

Running along the 6th St. Bridge

Brass Works building, Monroe.

Brass Works, rooftop

The bank robbery scenes were actually filmed at an abandoned bank in Ludington

Car chase on S. Division

One of the pretty non-Grand Rapids looking police cars

Taco Boy, Plainfield

Railroad bridge, Front St.

Nondescript industrial area, Burlingame maybe?


Ann St. I believe. Definitely recognize the old water tower

I may be wrong but I think this building in the post credits is in the plaza at Kalamazoo and 44th

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pepsi Dance Trax 1989 "Rhythm Nation"

Here is a new straight from VHS clip of the Grand Rapids show "Pepsi Dance Trax."  This one comes from 1989 and features a whole Club Eastbrook full of teens in their best 80s fashion dancing to Janet Jackson.
Also, local radio personality Michelle McKormick, who I believe is still on the air and.... another guy. Maybe someone can help me out with who he is?  Anyway, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Okay, so this is not very "G.R." but I would say it IS pretty retro!
I thought it might be fun to share, in lieu of other content, my latest model-building project, "Ecto-77!"
Some readers probably may know my real-life car, a 1977 Pinto wagon....

Recently, I came across an original 1970's era Pinto wagon model kit.  Of course people were telling me I should do it up to look just like mine and I almost did, BUT I had also been wanting for a while to put together the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 kit. The two collided in my brain and I thought it would be fun to try and combine the two. A Ghostbusters Pinto seems pretty hilarious to me and something I've never seen tried before.  So, tinkering in my spare time from Sept. 2016 to March 2017, here is the final result-- Ecto-77!
Hope some enjoy it.

Also here ^ is a quick video showing the LED flashing lights.