Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pepsi Dance Trax

People "of a certain age" in Grand Rapids might remember this show that aired Sunday mornings on channel 17 in the late 80s.
Dance Trax followed the format of many other "dance club" shows that were popular at the time such as Club MTV, The Grind, Dance Party USA, etc. which I guess all were descendants of American Bandstand and Soul Train. Shots of teens dancing to the latest hits, occasionally with the video.
It was produced in the Club Eastbrook space (which is now Orbit Room) and hosted by KLQ on-air personality Danny Douglas.
The shows filled a 30 minute slot but I have edited this one down to 10 minutes of giant bangs, permed mullets, Polo and Bugle Boy. Watch for the pair of girls with impressive Salt n' Peppa outfits!

Thanks to Wendee Bush for going to the trouble of searching out her ancient but amazingly well-preserved tape!! I'm making her a DVD of these episodes in exchange for letting me share them on here.

If you have any rare GR video gems, message me!

Special Bonus!  Check out this dance-off to Nena Cherry "Buffalo Stance." 

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