Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Photo Gallery: Monroe Center, mid-70s

A little time-portal to the Monroe Mall area downtown, courtesy City of Grand Rapids archives.
Click photos for a larger view...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue was a dance club that existed during the 80s on West 28th St. between Kalamazoo and Breton. I try to mostly post about things that I remember well-- so that I can have maybe some interesting stories to tell at least. Honestly though, I only went to Electric Avenue one time, sort of dragged there by a girl I was hoping to get with (didn't happen!) though we got to slow dance and make out to The Cure.

I remember the place being quite busy and full of flashing neon hanging all around the ceiling. It had a two-level setup, similar to Top Of The Rock, where there was sort of the "dance pit."  I also remember them playing some music videos, including Bronski Beat, "Hit That Perfect Beat." ...Actually, how did they spin videos back in those days? From VHS tapes?? Wow.

I think at some point in the early 90s, it became "Dick's Resort," then sat vacant a bit, then got demolished. Currently, "Xtreme Car Audio" sits on the spot it used to occupy.  Actually, an exclusively car-audio business still being around is kind of impressive.

Here's the tiny handful of photos I could find of the goings on at Electric Avenue (click on them to get a larger view). 

If you used to go there and have any stories, please share 'em in the comments!

DJ Mark McConnell, Danny Douglas (KLQ, Pepsi Dance Traxx), and--some guy
Maybe this is Halloween. I prefer to think people just dressed crazy there all the time. 

Shit gets crazy when Spuds McKenzie shows up!
Party in the front AND party in the back, ladies!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

North Kent Mall shirts!

I dunno, I just thought it'd be cool to make a faux vintage North Kent Mall shirt. 

I'll do one for anybody else who wants one for $12. I can do any color combo you'd like too, though I think the green and white looks "correct."

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