Monday, March 28, 2016

Schmidt's Show Bar

Here is another round of local archeology prompted by a postcard....

Another charming place from a bygone era. Check out the curved ceiling.

The address on the reverse shows 41-43 S. Division.  That would make this the recently demolished building that was Pub 43.

Once demolished, some 100+ year old signage for Battle Ax Tobacco was visible on the side of the building housing Republic next door!

Word is, Pub 43 is still looking for a new location to re-open. I really only ever had been in there once before but I do remember the curved ceiling....

I believe before Pub 43, it was called Joey's for a long time. Anyone out there have any knowledge of this place?

In it's day, Schmidt's looks like it could've been a happenin' spot!  Or maybe not, I have no idea. Cool building though!

Also, just wanted to say thanks for some of the kind comments from people enjoying the blog. It's good encouragement to keep it going.


  1. I'm way too young to remember Schmidt's Show Bar, but I still love the retro postcards and images! Thanks for posting 'em.

  2. Love your blog, I personally would never know these places ever existed... seems like GR's true heyday was around the '30s-'50s. Any idea of the date photo# 5 was taken? It's interesting that there are no signs of the buildings sinking and leaning in such resent history.

  3. Miss Pub 43. I loved the curved ceiling.

  4. Wait, didn't this building have the old magic shop that was on Division?