Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reggae Sunsplash '89

I randomly heard some reggae music while on a road trip this summer and it took my mind back to an event I went to back in 1989 called Reggae Sunsplash. It took place in Johnson park in Wyoming. I ended up there because a guy who went by the name Rastaman Nane' had come to the local public access TV station GRTV looking for somebody to shoot video of the event.  At that point I was very active down there and agreed to do it because it sounded like fun. 

Anyway, it occurred to me that I must still have the tape someplace and sure enough, I did.  Here is a short I edited together to put online from about 2 hours worth of footage. Hope some people enjoy this time-portal to a summer long ago!



  1. Wasn't this held at Falsburg Park in Lowel or were there 2?

  2. Yes. In the early 90s. Unfortunately, two young women were struck and killed by a drunk driver as they walked back to their car. The event was never held again.