Friday, March 15, 2013

Video vaults...

I think the Ark of the Covenant might be in a crate down here somewhere.
I've started exploring the basement catacombs at GRTV the Grand Rapids public access channel. Looking for cool stuff and finding it! 4 more shelves that look like this one. Tapes dating back to the early 80s. Some of this stuff is like a time capsule of the city's past. Hoping to find some real gems and make them available for people to see again...


  1. Maybe some gems....maybe some antecedents of Wayne's World. I'm specifically thinking of Cocktails with Bob and J, filmed @ GRTV by a couple of high school friends of mine around 1987.

    1. Believe it or not I have found some tapes of "Cocktails With Bob and J" !

  2. Love this blog! I grew up here in the 3 Mile, Plainfield area and I remember this hardware store called Handy Andy (Now Harbor Freight) if you/someone has a picture that would be awesome. Also anything on the old Witmark building on Jupiter and Plainfield? It has a large red X on it and I am curious. Now that I think of it there are several buildings around town with those on it... Cheers!