Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mr. Fables shirts. Get one!

Sometimes when money's tight, I have to resort to hustling arts n' crafts.
Usually stuff maybe 5 people might care about.

I suppose I could just sell the Pinto but that'll happen only after I've sold off my organs.

Anyway, I taught myself screen printing and these shirts turned out pretty sweet...

I'll make you one for $15.
White on red like the Fables colors, or white on black-- or whatever. I'll print it green on purple or something if you want.

I don't imagine there to be a huge demand for this sort of thing so it doesn't seem worth it to set up an online store or anything. Basically, if you want one, just contact me and we'll work out the details.

So yeah, email me.  I don't have kid sizes yet but if there's enough interest I'll do some.


  1. Awesome! My brother got fired from there.

  2. Dude - you should just pick up random pieces of plain clothes at Salvation Army and print stuff like this on them. I am certain they would sell.

    Hell, set up a merch booth at Retro D'Luxe! People (like me) would probably be willing to man it for you in exchange for a sweet custom screen print!

  3. I thought about that. Having them on thrift store shirts would make them more vintage too, since they'd be a little worn.

  4. OK... FOUR years later... can I still get one? And chances are slim I'll remember to come back here so I'm going to go look for you on Facebook...

    I found you via a search, BTW, for the Mr. Fabulous burger. I'm a Michigander transplanted to Alaska and have been craving a Mr. Fabulous burger for about a month. Right now I WISH I could cruise to any of the spots mentioned in your blog post about your trek out to Comstock Park for a burger... alas... I'll just have to settle for some chopped olives on a burger I make here at home.

  5. Not sure if you get a note when I reply or not but you can just email me directly: