Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fat Boy. The spoon's less greasy

Cool that they restored the long-dead neon on the sign.
Fat Boy has been in GR since 1952. It closed in 2008, was bought and reopened back in 2009.  I only just now got to check it out since they've reopened.
I used to hang out at Fat Boy's back in the 90s when I had a couple friends working there. I love the look of the building and it's old sign.
They've given it a pretty extensive makeover...

I have mixed feelings about renovating these old establishments. I kind of enjoy the grungey vibe of a vintage place that's remained untouched for decades, like say the Choo-Choo Grill or of course The Clock. As long as you don't feel unsafe eating the food of course.
If the choice is to either update or disappear though, then obviously go for it.
It seems like the new owners had respect for the place's history; their decor definitely has a vintage style to it.
The breakfast I had was really good and not expensive. I'd place it above New Beginnings but not quite on the same level as The Westsider Cafe. I'll have to come try a burger some time.
Fat Boy is pretty awesome and vintagey. Check it out sometime if you're over on Plainfield.
So yeah, I'm not so great at writing "reviews" I admit. Reviews of things that a person REALLY loves or REALLY hates seem to be the most interesting but most things tend to be in that area of "it's pretty good, you should check it out."
At any rate, I think it's cool that this is a GR historical place that has managed to keep going, instead of being turned into another dollar store or something.


  1. There were 2 Fat Boy restaurants in GR at one time. The other one was on Michigan just west of Lafayette. This was back in the 40's and 50's.

  2. The Fat Boy on Plainfield started in 1952 as a Tasty Freeze soft-serve ice cream store with only walk-up window service. It used to close in the winters. Around the mid-fifties the owner built a small addition with a counter and with four or five stools and started serving hamburgers. It was pretty much just the area shown in the first interior photo above. A couple of years later it was expanded into what you see now although it was not nearly as nice as what the new owners have done with it. The Michigan Street Fat Boy came later some time in the early sixties I believe.