Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Retro Podcast #1

Here's my first foray into podcasting. It clocks in at a pretty short 20 minutes but it's packed full of fun retro awesomeness. Not the kind of things I'd play at a dance night but more obscure music, movie and tv clips, etc. Have a listen and see what it does for you. If I get some good feedback, or any feedback at all really, I'll keep doing them.

P.S. On the right of the little player widget, the arrow let's you download the full MP3 if you want. Have fun! 
Track listing after the break, below. 

The Retro Podcast #1 by jefleppard

8-Bit Bizarre Love Triangle
Atari commercial
Player One "Space Invaders"
trailer "The Warriors"
HBO segue
theme "Hardcastle & McCormic
clip "American Psycho"
Giorgio Moroder "Night Drive"  -From "American Gigolo" soundtrack. The melody seems identical to Blondie "Call Me"
NES commercial
theme "He-Man" (en espanol)
Mechanic "Mr. Clements Is A Cyborg"  -Former G.R. resident alien musician!
theme "NBC Mystery Movie"
theme "Six Million Dollar Man"
outro "PM Magazine"

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