Friday, October 29, 2010

Vans Pastry is f-ing cute

First off, I suck as a blogger. Or a writer in general.  The last school I attended was high school and that's been a WHILE ago. So with that confession out of the way and assuming you wish to continue looking at this anyway, here's my first attempt at a "themed" blog.  I'm just getting started here, so it's not that awesome yet.

I just wanted to make something to capture these places around town that look as if they have survived from another past time period,  possibly understand what psychology is behind my fascination with them, and maybe even get some insight into how they have managed to survive so long.
I don't know if I'll really delve that deep into it, but I at least wanted to have a place to collect photos and share with others who might also like this sort of thing.

So here's Van's Pastry. It's on Fulton near the corner of  Diamond.... (click on photos to gigantify them.)

As you can see,  they went nuts with the nic-nacks!  That is part of the charm. I have no idea how long this place has been around. I suppose researching these sorts of things might make a blog like this more interesting and useful. I know this place has endured! And people love it. I have seen lines out the door.

Come to think of it, the lines out the door must be due in part to there not being much room inside.
The donuts are great though. I had a pumpkin spice donut that might be the best donut I've ever had in my entire life. It will probably add five pounds to my body.

Evan thought all the cars in the display cases were pretty sweet.

Yay Van's Pastry!


  1. They say on their facebook page that they've been open since the early 20s.