Sunday, October 31, 2010

Studio 28

I miss Studio 28.
Studio 28 closed it's doors on Sunday November 23rd 2008 after 43 years in Grand Rapids. It was the country's very first multiscreen theater complex and, from 1988 to 1995, the biggest with 20 screens. Theater One was the theater with the largest screen, the best sound system, and the best place to see any movie.
I guess it became somewhat ghetto towards the end. I think Star Theatre on Alpine is like the new Studio 28.

One specific memory I have is walking all the way out there from downtown to see Ghostbusters 2 by myself the day it came out. I didn't have a vehicle, was too poor to pay for a cab, and didn't know anyone else as nutty for Ghostbusters who might want to drive out there.  I walked all the way back too with that Bobby Brown tune playing in my head most of the way.

When they closed, they auctioned off a lot of the old equipment and some of us from Wealthy Theatre went over there to purchase some stuff. Some of the speakers inside Wealthy are from Studio 28 sound systems. It was kinda sad walking into Studio 28 and seeing it filled with piles of equipment like a warehouse and remembering all the times I came there to see movies with so many different people through the years. Some great, memorable films and some terrible ones. Used to enjoy coming early and playing video games in the arcade beforehand.
Not sure what plans there are for the space. Heard they might build a new Meijer (yay, ANOTHER one!!)


  1. Skipped school on more than a few occasions to see movies there. Short walk across the street. I also remember the dive-in as a kid. We'd watch movies during Friday night football games (without sound of course) from the bleachers of the football stands.

  2. I was there the opening night of Ghostbusters 2 at the midnight show. I remember I had a terrible cold and kept falling asleep. What a funny thing to remember. I also remember many trips to the drive-in there as well.

  3. It's closed?? I've been in Ann Arbor too long. For a multiplex it was actually pretty classy, compared to the puke-carpet-monstrosity that is Celebration Cinema.

  4. I actually have a collection of pictures on flickr from the last removal day after the auction.