Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Very Sveden House Christmas

While combing through thrift store vinyl, I was surprised to find this little gem in excellent condition....

I guess it used to be a thing for businesses to put out Christmas albums. I also own a "True Value Hardware" Christmas album (not to brag or anything) and I've seen a KFC Christmas album. They're out there.

My childhood memories of Sveden House are pretty foggy. I remember liking the way it looked inside. I was totally clueless about Scandinavian culture but it made me think of "medieval times" or something.  The concept of "All you can eat" just seemed so incredible and you can believe that the handful of times I got to go there I ate way too much.

So there isn't a year on this album anywhere but Sveden House was around since the 60s and this seems from that era. Now please enjoy some cheery holiday sounds of the Sveden House Chorale singing "There's Always Another Potato" !   Happy Holidays!


  1. Geoff, what do you remember about a coffee shop/pool hall on Leonard called Big Melons? That place was rad, but I can't remember where exactly it was. Any memories? Thanks!

    1. I think it was maybe by where "One Man's Junk" is on leonard?
      I posted about it on here a couple years ago and a few others commented:

    2. I went to Big Melons all the time when I was a senior at FHN in 1998-99. Across from Juniors auto shop on Leonard, close to Branns.

  2. I remember going to the Sweden House in the 80's. We would drive in from Belding to the big city for something and on the way home we'd stop there. Loved the idea of all you could eat ice cream.

  3. And I've seen your car around town. Thought it was pretty cool since I had a blue one in 1989, every one called it the grocery getter.