Sunday, December 4, 2011

Interestingly-named places to buy fish in Grand Rapids!

I always take notice of this little place on Leonard and Plainfield both because of its appearance and its name.
The Flying Bridge Fish Market seems really retro-looking to me with all the wood and groovy signage...

So... "Flying Bridge?"

At first, I thought the name was just weird and random but the oracle of wikipedia says:
"A flying bridge is a (usually open) area on top of, or at the side of, a ship's pilothouse, or closed bridge, that serves as an operating station for the ship's officers in good weather or when maneuvering in port, where good views along the ship sides are important. It is also a raised, usually second story cockpit on a smaller boat, such as a sport-fisher."

Anyway, it looks cute and old and one day I will check it out.

Then there's this place a little ways down Plainfield that I'd totally overlook by its appearance...

But then you notice the unfortunate name...  "Sanitary Seafood."

I'd really like to try some fried fish at the Flying Bridge, word is it's pretty awesome!

I'm also really curious to find out if the seafood at Sanitary Seafood is truly sanitary.

I don't know, that's kind of a bold claim, guys! :)


  1. I eat at the flyring bridge quit regularly, and it is good, if not overpriced. Still waiting to hear reviews on Sanitary.

  2. Sanitary Seafood has some interesting Swedish products and an awesome picture of life underwater.

  3. I'll always feel nostalgic about Fat Boys. Although as a vegetarian, I can't see myself ever eating there. But it sure was kinda neat when Nate there, I guess. Let's try to watch Space 1999 soon. Really this time.

  4. I ate at Fat Boys a little bit ago and was surprised to find the whole place had been remodeled and was kinda nice inside. I have a hard time remembering what Fat Boys looked like before, it was so long since I'd been in there but it seems like it used to have the greasyspoon vibe.

  5. I just went to the Flying Bridge yesterday
    it was the BEST!!!
    they have been in business for 32 years, so they do it right

  6. My dad was friends with the original crew that opened the Flying Bridge. I worked there when I was like 9 years old. They paid me $5 an hour under the table to peel and de-vein shrimp. It was awesome.