Sunday, July 24, 2011

Famous people on GRTV in the late 80s

Gillian Anderson performing some "spoken word" in 1986, complete with the awesome analogue video effects. My old pal Toxic Scott (RIP) made a little $$$ selling this tape to FOX back in the day...


The same year, before the band TOOL made it big, Maynard Keenan was a GR resident and had a local band called "Children Of The Anachronistic Dynasty" (CAD).  Here they are in the GRTV studio...


  1. Awesome page here. My dad volunteered for GRTV about 20 years ago, when they used to be in the basement of the GRPL main branch. A couple times I was there in the control room during the filming of the show "Going Critical." Some guy there, Pat Dunbar I think was his name, borrowed some equipment to make a thriller detective movie. Don't think it was ever completed but they did at least film a scene with myself and my two younger brothers playing dead, covered in fake blood in the alley behind Civic.

    I remember reading your stuff in Slak. I still have a few copies in my basement. Awesome stuff for the 15 year old kid I was back then, even though I was too young to really go to any of the shows. How I found out about Sister Machine Gun, who I saw play roughly 1998 (at The Underground? I think it was called that), upstairs in the same building as Waalkes (spelling?) Market on Chicago Drive.

    Now I will stop rambling!


  2. I was there when Gillian recorded that poetry. I was in the band White Room at the time. Our singer Ralph Lennard Wallace (known as Len) was Gillian's "Punk Rock Boyfriend" Gillian use to perform with us on stage all the time (surprised no video or pics have surfaced yet) I would love to see White Room's performance from that day if anyone has a copy.

  3. The G.R based Punk band "the Bodeans" were recorded here as well... James "Maynard" Keenan, Gillain Anderson with a host of other's were present,,The BoDeans GRTV video also had won 1st place peoples choice award during festival...I remeber seeing this and voting for it!
    Does anyone remember this band? who where the Bodeans,,heard they were brothers??? I know the Bodeans drummer played in C.A.D. as well......
    anyone know about these guys?? they were a fun band!!!

    1. I can't find anything about a GR punk band called Bodeans at all but there was a roots rock band called that from Wisconsin. No relation I guess?

    2. The Bodeans were formed by Doug Wolters, guitar, Tim Woznicki, bass, Tom Geluso, drums and Marshall Woznicki, singer. They put out 12" EP, a 45rpm and a cassette with a dozen songs. Remember "Where's Old Jimbo?" "I Won't Take It" "Bohpal" and "Element of Doubt" ? They put out a video recorded at the GRTV with a live audience. Marshall is still working in GR with a band called The Real Bitters. Tim is in Mingus. I don't know what Tom is doing now. Doug lives in Royal Oak and still records at home. [Doug Wolters]

  4. I saw the Real Bitters play last night and they did a great job! I produced two late night shows on GRTV from 1997 to 2008 and they were " Tim's Area of Control " and " The Eltemonte Billy Bob Show "